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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specialized Solutions Help Companies Meet New Challenges

Energy independence has been an important issue in American politics, largely due to the growing demand for oil and the country’s growing dependence on foreign suppliers. This demand is leading the industry to expand into new, often hazardous areas of the world. In order to protect their investments, employees and equipment, companies need medical and safety solutions when working in remote, high-risk locations.

Clements International isn’t alone in its mission to provide services to individuals and organizations working in hazardous areas around the world. Exploration Logistics is also in the business of minimizing risk for customers operating in challenging environments. They offer specialized services to clients in the oil and gas, mining, construction, governmental and humanitarian sectors, including driver training, safety and medical services, and mine clearance. With extensive international reach and 22 years of experience, Exploration Logistics is a valued and proven partner to its clients.

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