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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Risk Management for International Schools: Protecting Students & Staff

The number of schools catering to foreign students is growing substantially, yet these international schools face more risks than ever before.  

Learn more about the risks facing international schools from political violence to employee misconduct and how you can protect your students, employees, and school viability: Risk Management for International Schools: Protecting Students & Staff.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Participate in the Next Clements Worldwide Risk Index

The just released Clements Worldwide Risk Index Summer/ Fall 2016 Edition, which surveyed over 400 organizations operating in every region found that the highest sources of loss for international companies were business interruption, property damage and general liability.  Will you participate in the next survey so that organizations like you can compare greatest risks with peers to hopefully better protect staff and assets abroad?  

The survey only takes ten minutes and can be completed here: for your participation.  If you would like to access the results of the Summer/ Fall 2016 edition or listen to a webinar for NGOs regarding the results visit

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Why are Political Violence Policies Critical for 2017?

Clements Smita Bhargava explains the variety of political violence events that your company can experience globally and how a Political Violence Policy can protect your organizational viability. 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Successful Assignments – Plan Early, Manage Expectations

Global assignments provide a means for managing strategic business risks and exploiting business opportunities. For employees, global assignments provide a unique opportunity for career advancement and to expand cultural awareness. But often both the employee and company are disappointed with the results.  What can employees do to position themselves for success?

One important aspect of succeeding abroad is acclimating to the local culture.  Find out how to move from tourist to business star in this story from partner Adaptive Leadership Strategies : Successful Assignments - Plan Early, Manage Expectations.

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