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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unique War Risk Insurance Policy

Clements International now offers a unique War Risk Insurance policy for organizations with vehicle fleets in high risk areas of the world, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
Clements offers a unique borderless, International Vehicle Insurance policy specifically developed for organizations operating in foreign countries. War Risk Insurance is an affordable, extension of this policy that is available for any eligible vehicle fleet operating in high risk areas of the world. War Risk Insurance provides protection for vehicles should a loss be incurred from a declared war, act of terrorism, riot, strike or civil unrest. This type of risk is excluded in most auto insurance policies.
"As the number of private organizations involved in development and reconstruction efforts continue to increase in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan, it is vital for us to develop products that appropriately address their risks," explained Chris Beck, Senior Vice President of Sales at Clements. "We are pleased to offer a new, War Risk Insurance policy to compliment and extend the coverage offered through our International Vehicle Insurance policy."
Clements has gained the insurance expertise while assessing risks and developing specialized, insurance products that protect the individual risks faced by organizations.

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