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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the increasingly common practice of individuals traveling outside their home country to obtain medical treatment. Medical tourism offers cost savings to the patient as well as the possibility to schedule the procedure sooner. This makes medical tourism an attractive option for Americans as well as those in Canada and the UK who come across long wait times for surgery and crowded hospitals.

Medical tourism companies help the patient find accredited hospitals and arrange their trip so they can get the care they need and return home safely. As the medical tourism industry continues to grow so does the risk of being sued by a customer should something not go to plan.

This year, Clements, has worked closely with medical tourism operators in Asia and India to create insurance products to meet the needs of the industry. These include a professional liability policy to protect the company should a lawsuit be filed, a personal accident policy for the clients should they be injured during the trip and a trip cancellation policy to reimburse nonrefundable expenses due to an emergency.

For more information visit our medical tourism site.

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