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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dante Disparte, U.S. Managing Director at Clements, Partners with American Security Project to Address Latest Developments in U.S. and Egypt Relations

Clements Worldwide Partners with American Security Project to Address Latest Developments in U.S. and Egypt Relations
Clements U.S. Managing Director Dante Disparte joins leading
policy makers in Washington D.C. to discuss how U.S. and Egypt
relationship impacts international community
Dante Disparte, U.S. Managing Director at leading international insurance provider Clements Worldwide, joined a panel of influencers, academics and policy makers yesterday to discuss the current state of Egypt, ongoing challenges for its government and the future outlook for its open and competitive economy.

Dante Disparte, US Managing Director at Clements Worldwide, delivering remarks at a American Security Project panel event

The day-long session also featured prominent speakers like H.E. Amr Moussa, former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Lieutenant General John Castellaw UMSC (Ret.), General Carter F. Ham USA (Ret.), Youself Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States and former Congressmen Jim Kolbe and Norm Coleman.

Panelists focused on the economic potential of Egypt, where continued investment from nations around the world will be key to the growth and the sustainability of the country, bringing stability to the region and encouraging domestic entrepreneurship.

Disparte, a current member of the American Security Project’s advisory board, specifically addressed three important risks to be aware of while investing in the country:
  • Uncertainty about the country’s future leads to risks both individuals and international organizations need to be insured against;
  • Ongoing political and economic changes may require additional political violence protection, personal accident and group coverage, including commercial property insurance;
  • Such volatile circumstances may not be specific to Egypt but also relevant and applicable to neighboring countries in the region.
According to Disparte: “The future of Egypt clearly represents strong investment potential for global organizations. For businesses looking to operate in Egypt, being prepared for the unique economic and political conditions in the country and the surrounding region will be paramount to their success.”

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