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Thursday, May 8, 2014

[INDUSTRY NEWS] Affordable cities for expats found across the globe

Affordable cities for expats found across the globe
When making the decision to move outside of their home country, expats are faced with a plethora of choices and a wide range of destinations. In many countries, cost of living can be extremely high.

When making the decision to move away from their home country, expats are faced with a plethora of choices and a wide range of destination options. However, in many countries, the cost of living can be extremely high, making it additionally difficult to find an enjoyable job, an affordable home and accommodate for the expense of international insurance.

Fortunately, many cities across the globe are both inexpensive and attractive for expats. Below are a number of cultural hubs which offer exceptional job opportunities, making them potentially desirable destinations for expats.

Affordable cities exist for expats
Recently, website
compiled a list of the best cities for expats to find opportunities while still saving money. A number of the most popular locations have seen costs rise, so it may be prudent to explore other options before moving outside your home country.

According to, one such city is Dailan, China. This metropolis is often overlooked as an expat destination, but it has a large number of foreign workers and has a very low cost of living, especially compared to Shanghai and Beijing. The price of a luxury three-bedroom apartment in Dailan is roughly half of a similar property in Shanghai. Another possible city for expats is Budapest. The Hungarian capital has very affordable food, drink and housing expenses. Other cities that made the list include Cape Town, South Africa and Calgary, Canada.

Middle Eastern countries are expensive
In sharp contrast to some of the more cost-effective expat destinations out there are countries in the Middle East. A recent report released by the Bharat Book Bureau
looked at six nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The most expensive on that list was Qatar, the news source noted. This is due to its tight rental market, limiting the number of inexpensive housing options for citizens and expats alike. In addition to costly homes, Qatar is also the priciest for vehicle rentals.

The amount of money needed to rent a small sport utility vehicle in the country is roughly twice that of the UAE. This high cost of living could persuade expats to seek other countries in the Middle East, or throughout the world.

Regardless, international insurance is a must for anyone moving outside their home country. A lack of coverage could put expats living and working outside their home country unprepared for expenses incurred abroad.

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