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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[INDUSTRY NEWS] International shipping industry requires planning, protection

Shipping high-value good throughout world is fraught with risks and challenges, and given the number of hazards international businesses must prioritize safety and security.

Shipping high-value goods throughout world is fraught with risks and challenges, and given the number of hazards, international businesses must prioritize safety and security. While international transit & cargo insurance is one of the best lines of defense against a loss of assets, there should be other measures taken as well to ensure an efficient operation. 

In today's tense global climate, problems could arise in many different locations. Companies shipping goods by aircraft, truck, ocean vessel, barge or rail may encounter difficulties thanks to piracy, thieves, accidents or even acts of war. Implementing an effective risk management strategy will help prevent critical business interruption from any one of these instances.

All cargo could be targeted
It doesn't take a shipment of high-priced electronics or pharmaceuticals to draw the eyes of would-be thieves, according to Heavy Duty Trucking. Criminals today
could target any cargo, and this threat illustrates just one potential problem run into by international businesses.

"They'll steal anything," Walt Fountain, Schneider National's director of enterprise security, told the news source. "A lot of the more common items like toilet paper, diapers, you'll see some of those products stolen, then sold through small independent groceries in large urban areas."

In order to help ensure that every shipment goes off without a hitch, Heavy Duty Trucking recommended that companies screen employees, train them, and practice in-transit security measures. Doing so could help prevent a serious accident or attack, and ensure that all cargo reaches its destination intact. 

Proper safety starts at the beginning
Adhering to industry regulations and other common safety measures is extremely important for all companies shipping throughout the world. According to the World Shipping Council,
this will best protect cargo, and it could provide additional positive benefits for the businesses.

For starters, not all goods can be shipped in similar containers, the news source noted. Prior to transport, the most effective type must be chosen to make sure that the cargo reaches its destination safely. Then, a pre-stow plan should be completed to analyze potential hazards, including weight, volume and load limits. Improper stowing can cause serious problems during transit, so all containers should be stored correctly to avoid these hazards. 

Overall, it is incredibly important to take time to double-check safety and security prior to shipping any cargo. The transit process can be complicated for many reasons, and international cargo insurance will help cover any expenses that could jeopardize the continued operations of your business.

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